Two-Wheeler Insurance

Shield for your life journey

Pays a sum of money in the case the motor get severely damaged and compulsory Third Party Liability and accident riders

Low fee - optimal benefit
Pay as little as VND 1,100,000 and receive up to VND 200 MM in protection. Affordable one-year policy, that’s one of the cheapest in the market.
Simple enrolment process
It’s a simple enrolment process, with easy enrolment questions and no boring documentation, so you can get protected almost instantly all within a mobile app!
Comprehensive compensation
Provide not only in the untimely event of death and Total Permanent Disability but also in the event of Partial Permanent Disability.
Variety of options
Variety of benefit options and fees by age.


Motorbike insurance policy will cover the following specific coverage

Insurance benefits

Applicable to motorbike stolen, robbed or damaged by accident, natural disaster or flood:
– Losses that have actual repair cost or estimated repair cost > 70% of actual value of motorcycle at the time of loss.
100% of the original equivalent depreciation value



Premium fee

Package Motor Loss
Premium fee 1,65% of motor value (VAT included)

For example:
– Honda Air Blade 125cc bike registered for the first time on October 10, 2018, according to the depreciation value table equivalent to VND 28,500,000.
– Premium fee: VND 470,250 (including VAT)


1. Loss with repair cost = <70% of actual value of the vehicle

2. The intentional act of causing damage by the Vehicle Owner / Driver

3. Motorcycles lost outside the territory of Vietnam

4. Fire or explosion due to manufacturer's fault or the user changing / adding extra components different from the original design of the manufacturer

5. Vehicle lost due to fraud, misuse of credit, appropriation of property, abuse; trust of any person;

6. Loss caused by Owner / Driver using Motorcycle for racing.

7. Loss caused directly from violation of law, violation of traffic laws

Effective time

Insurance takes effect immediately after the Insured pays the full premium.



Mr. A participates suffered an accident causing his motorbike to be damaged. Mr. A takes the bike to the showroom for repair. It has lost more than 70% of its actual value at the time of the accident.

How will PVI support this case?


Mr. A is participating in Motor Loss Insurance for “Honda” brand, Vehicle type - block “Airblade _125”, first registration date: “December 8, 2018”, commencement date of insurance period: "April 25, 2020".

=> Based on the insurance benefits in this case, Mr. A will be compensated by PVI for the bike with the amount of: 28.5 million.