Term Life Insurance

Sharing shield for all worries

Pays for Death, TPD and PPD benefits as well as Critical Illness as an optional rider add-on

Low fee - optimal benefit
Pay as little as VND 1,100,000 and receive up to VND 200 MM in protection. Affordable one-year policy, that’s one of the cheapest in the market.
Simple enrolment process
A simple enrolment process and no boring documentation, so you can get protected almost instantly all within a mobile app!
Comprehensive compensation
Provide not only in the untimely event of death and Total Permanent Disability but also in the event of Partial Permanent Disability.
Variety of options
Variety of benefit options and fees by age.


Term Life Insurance will include the following specific coverage

Insurance benefits

BENEFIT Basic Advanced Superior
1a. Total permanent disability due to accident 100 mil 200 mil 300 mil
1b. Death payout 100 mil 200 mil 300 mil
1c. Partial permanent disability due to accident Support expenses according to the % of sum insured  Support expenses according to the % of sum insured  Support expenses according to the % of sum insured
2. Serious illness 50 mil 100 mil 100 mil

Premium fee

Age Value of main product Premium fee of main product Premium fee of supplemental product Total premium fee
20 years old 200 mil 1,059,600 990,000 2,049,600
25 years old 100 mil 529,800 510,000 1,039,800
30 years old 200 mil 1,059,600 1,110,000 2,169,600
35 years old 100 mil 669,800 650,000 1,319,800
Apply according to the insured person's age

1. People must be treated or prescribed medical treatment for 3 consecutive months or more within 3 years

2. People who are sick and has been assigned to hospital or surgery

3. People who have been hospitalized for 2 or more consecutive weeks due to any illness or accident that occurred in the past within 3 years

4. People who has lost or completely lost function of one or both eyes; one or both hands; one or both legs

5. People who have ever used any of the addictive drugs, stimulants, hallucinogenic drugs, or drugs outside the prescription of a doctor or competent authority.

6. People who has been denied or delayed accepting insurance when purchasing life insurance for any health reason

7. People who are HIV positive or have ever had AIDS

Effective time
T = 0 Accident: Death or Total permanent disability. Insurance takes effect immediately after the Insured pays the full premium.
T = 30 Death due to illness
Excludes blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, liver failure, respiratory failure, body failure, and malignant blood diseases.
T = 1 Serious illness caused by an accident (Ex: Burns, ..)
T > 90 Serious illness caused by another cause
For serious pathological benefits: The Insured person who has disease before the date of coverage => Disclaimer => No benefits paid If there are 02 claims for settlement of benefits of insurance or more, or insured person suffers from 02 or more serious illnesses => Single payment for 01 serious medical condition. Insured Person Death within 30 days of first diagnosis => no benefit coverage



Mr. D participates in Term Life insurance from January 25, 2020 Unfortunately, on April 27, 2020, Mr. D went to a doctor and was diagnosed with last stage of "metastatic cancer". At that time, Mr. D files for claim and request Bao Viet Life's support to compensate for the treatment costs.

How much will Bao Viet's life pay for Mr. D? Mr. D participates in the Platinum package - valued at 100 million


According to the terms of the insurance and the condition of Mr. D, the time for diagnosis and treatment of Mr. D has met the waiting time. Therefore:

+ If Mr. D is alive after 30 days from the date of diagnosis, Bao Viet will pay 100% of the sum insured for the serious medical benefit of 100 million VND, and stop the protection for the supplementary products. Main product benefits continue to be available

+ If Mr. D is no longer alive after 30 days from the date of diagnosis, he will not be paid compensation.