Hospicash Insurance

Strong shield against all risks

Hospital fees is no longer a concern, payment for accident, disease, illness, and maternity

Cost Saving
Hospitalization allowance for accident, disease, illness, and maternity
Death payout for accident, disease, illness, and maternity
Peace of mind - happy life


Insurance benefits

Sum Insured
Death due to illness, disease, maternity 20.000.000 VND 20.000.000 VND 20.000.000 VND
Death by accident 40.000.000 VND 40.000.000 VND 40.000.000 VND
Benefit for hospital treatment due to illness, sickness, maternity starting from day 2 onwards (Maximum 60 days / year) 12.000.000 VND
200.000 VND/ day
18.000.000 VND
300.000 VND/ day
24.000.000 VND
400.000 VND/ day

Premium fee

Package Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 3
Premium fee/person/year 400.000 VND 600.000 VND 800.000 VND
3 Packages

1. People who participate in professional sports activities or other dangerous sports activities

2. People who control or execute duties on aircraft

3. People with a history of psychiatric, neurological, leprosy, or cancer

4. People with permanent disability of 50% or more

5. People who are in the course of treatment for illnesses and injuries

Effective time
T = 0 Accident: Insurance takes effect right after the insuser pays the full premium
T = 30 Treatment due to illness, illness. Death due to illness, disease, maternity
T = 90 Treatment of complications of pregnancy according to doctor’s prescription
T = 270 Childbirth
T = 365 Death and treatment due to special and pre-existing diseases
1. For contracts to renew, no waiting time is applied
2. Insurance does not cover illness / injury that occurred prior to participation
3. Insured pays the cost of examination and treatment first, and then makes a claim for payment of insurance later



Mr. A has dengue fever and has been in the Tropical Hospital for 7 days. The total treatment cost is 4 million VND (572k / day). How will Bao Minh support this case?

(Mr. A's profile meets the conditions of documents and insured age. He is participating in Advanced package)


Hospitalization allowance up to 300k / day * 6 days = 1.8 million

Bao Minh compensates customer: 1.8 million VND