Family Health Insurance

Integrity shield for the whole family

Pays for your and your family hospital cost and clinics visit, and provides cash payment for your loved ones in untimely event of death or disability

Low fee, optimal benefit
Pay as little as VND 930,000 per family member and be protected for as much as VND 150 MM.
Easy registration
Simple enrolment process, huge breadth of benefits, and fastest turnaround time (See Single Health).
Complete protection
Each family member insured receives their own, dedicated protection benefits, so you don’t have to share.
Amazing promotion
Up to 10% discount if you buy for additional people, with a minimum of 3 people and maximum of 5 people.


The Family Health policy will include the following specific coverage

Insurance benefits

Sum insured 50,000,000 100,000,000 150,000,000
1. Outpatient treatment (at actual cost) 500,000 VND / visit
Maximum 2,500,000 VND / year
2. Treatment of the accident
(Not more than % according to the table of surgical rates and actual costs)
% of 50.000.000 % of 100.000.000 % of 150.000.000
3. Inpatient treatment
a. Western medicine
(max. 60 days/year)
250,000 VND / Day 500,000 VND / Day 750,000 VND / Day
b. Oriental medicine
(max. 120 days/year)
150,000 VND / Day 300,00 VND / Day 450,000 VND / Day
4. Surgery
(Not more than % according to the table of surgical rates and actual costs)
% of 50.000.000 % of 100.000.000 % of 150.000.000
5. Loss of income subsidy 200,000 VND / Day
(Up to 60 days / year, hospital stay from day 3)
6. Death payout
(Up to the amount covered)
50,000,000 VND 100,000,000 VND 150,000,000 VND

Premium fee

Package Basic Advanced Superior
Age 1 – 18 years old VND 930,000 VND 1,260,000 VND 1,590,000
Age 19 – 40 years old VND 1,085,000 VND 1,500,000 VND 2,055,000
Age 41 – 50 years old VND 1,085,000 VND 1,500,000 VND 2,055,000
Age of participation: 01 - 50 Years old

1. People who participate in professional sports activities or other dangerous sports activities

2. People who control or execute duties on aircraft

3. People with a history of psychiatric, neurological, leprosy, or cancer

4. People with permanent disability of 50% or more

5. People who are in the course of treatment for illnesses and injuries

Effective time
T = 0 Accident: Insurance takes effect right after the insuser pays the full premium.
T = 30 Treatment due to illness, illness. Death due to illness, disease, maternity
T = 90 Treatment of complications of pregnancy according to doctor’s prescription
T = 270 Childbirth
T = 365 Death and treatment due to special and pre-existing diseases
1. For contracts to renew, no waiting time is applied
2. Insurance does not cover illness / injury that occurred prior to participation.
3. Insured pays the cost of examination and treatment first, and then makes a claim for payment of insurance later.



Ms. B suffered from appendicitis, had to go to District 5 Hospital for surgery and stayed for 4 days. The total cost of treatment is 6 million (surgery cost 4 million, hospitalization cost 2 million). So how does Bao Minh support this case? (Ms.B is participating in Advanced package)


1. Based on the surgical rate table (STB): support for appendix surgery is 12% - 15% on the STB (In the case of paying 3 million more if the wound is inflamed and causes complications, or other consequences). However, the actual cost of surgery is only 4 million, so BM pays 4 million)

2. Hospitalization fee: maximum 500K / day.

3. Loss of income (from the 3rd day): 200K / day * 2 = 400K => Total amount paid by Bao Minh: 6.4 million