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About SHIELD application
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Hello, SHIELD offers insurance packages which are customized to suit your needs. Download app to discover now!
Insurance products from SHIELD app
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Step 1Download and log in

Download SHIELD application from Google Play Store or App Store. Do not forget to input OTP code sent via your registered phone number to finish log in.

Step 2Customer Identity

Enter your name, gender, date of birth to get started!

Step 3Choose the insurance product and package that suits your needs.

Choose the insurance product and package that best suits your needs. Then answer questions to health check before paying.

Step 4Check the information and choose a payment method

Check insurance information. Then, choose the appropriate payment method.

Step 5Complete the payment

View your billing information and select “Continue” to pay and complete your insurance.

To register and purchase products on the $HIELD app quickly, customers need to prepare the following documents in advance:
  • National ID (when buying personal insurance products) and National ID card of a relative / birth certificate for children if <18 years old (when purchasing Family Insurance products).
  • ATM / Credit card to make payments quickly.

Within 30 - 365 days from the occurrence of an insurance event, the customer has 30 days to notify the insurance company, and 365 days to submit a claim. 3 required customer documents, please prepare in advance to receive quick compensation including:
  • National ID
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Claiming Form.
Keep bills of all kinds of treatment expenses (the bill over 200,000 VND with VAT invoice) to send to the insurance company.

Make selection based on your needs and specific job.
  • Customer's need of comprehensive protection: please refer to Personal Health Insurance products (protection of inpatient, outpatient range, accident treatment, surgery, income loss allowance).
  • Customers who are low-income drivers and often travel by car: refer to Accident Insurance, Two-wheel Insurance.

Yes, you can. But before you do so, do note that your current policy may be different from ours in terms of protection, premium amount and other details.

The documents you need to provide to make an insurance protection purchase differ depending on the policy you are purchasing. Trust us, we’re doing our best to make sure you need to supply as little information as possible. For all products, you will be required to upload a copy of the policy holder’s National ID. For Family Health, you will also be required to provide National IDs of the family members included on the policy, or enter personal details such as name, date of birth etc. details for family members that do not possess a National ID. For two-wheeler, you need to have a motorbike registration card and/or VIN number, engine number and license plate of the vehicle. We need these documents to make sure we know who it is that we’re protecting. The better the information that you provide when buying the policy, the easier it is to make claims in future. If you have any concerns about providing any of the details mentioned above, get in touch and we can talk you through them in detail.

Your protection needs will differ according to your personal and/ or health situation. FE Shield and your insurers would like to make sure that you insurance policies are customised to suit your needs.

A hard copy of the insurance policy certificate will be sent to the delivery address you've provided. This certificate will detail all the key information about your policy, such as the coverage, your policy number and expiry dates.
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