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About SHIELD application
Insurance package
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Hello, SHIELD offers insurance packages which are customized to suit your needs. Download app to discover now!
Insurance products from SHIELD app
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Step 1Download and log in

Download SHIELD application from Google Play Store or App Store. Do not forget to input OTP code sent via your registered phone number to finish log in.

Step 2Customer Identity

Enter your name, gender, date of birth to get started!

Step 3Choose the insurance product and package that suits your needs.

Choose the insurance product and package that best suits your needs. Then answer questions to health check before paying.

Step 4Check the information and choose a payment method

Check insurance information. Then, choose the appropriate payment method.

Step 5Complete the payment

View your billing information and select “Continue” to pay and complete your insurance.

To register and purchase products on the $HIELD app quickly, customers need to prepare the following documents in advance:
  • National ID (when buying personal insurance products) and National ID card of a relative / birth certificate for children if <18 years old (when purchasing Family Insurance products).
  • ATM / Credit card to make payments quickly.

Within 30 - 365 days from the occurrence of an insurance event, the customer has 30 days to notify the insurance company, and 365 days to submit a claim. 3 required customer documents, please prepare in advance to receive quick compensation including:
  • National ID
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Claiming Form.
Keep bills of all kinds of treatment expenses (the bill over 200,000 VND with VAT invoice) to send to the insurance company.

Make selection based on your needs and specific job.
  • Customer's need of comprehensive protection: please refer to Personal Health Insurance products (protection of inpatient, outpatient range, accident treatment, surgery, income loss allowance).
  • Customers who are low-income drivers and often travel by car: refer to Accident Insurance, Two-wheel Insurance.

Call us old-fashioned, but hard copy of the insurance policy certificate as well as any claim payment you choose to send by post will be sent to the delivery information you enter. FE Shield will also send any important communication as required to this address (that’s if a physical copy needs to be sent to you!).

You will only be allowed to change/ update the following information:
  • Delivery address: This is the address to which we’ll send your hardcopy policy certificate as well as any claim payment reimbursement by post. FE Shield will also use this address for any communications
  • Email: This is the email address to which we’ll send your e-policy. FE Shield will also use this address for any account and marketing communications - that’s if you want to hear about our latest product updates!
  • mPIN: This is the 4-digit password that you require to log in
  • Biometric authentication: This is your Face ID/ fingerprint for login. Within the FE Shield app you can choose whether to turn biometric logging in on/off.
  • Payment method: These are the bank account details that we’ll use when transferring any claim payment reimbursement by bank transfer
We do not allow any changes relating to your other personal details as they are retrieved from your national ID. For changes related to national ID and its details, please contact our hotline at XXX where our customer service representatives will guide you to provide your new National ID

You can change your mPIN on the ‘Account’ ribbon found at the bottom of the screen, where you can then choose ‘Change mPIN’. You will be requested to first provide your current mPIN for authentication and subsequently your new mPIN. Your mPIN change will be in effect immediately.

For security reasons, we will only store bank account details for the purpose of disbursement of claims through bank transfer. You can update your bank account details under the ‘Account’ ribbon found at the bottom of your app screen and choose ‘Payment’ Disbursement. You will be requested to provide your name per bank’s record, account number and the name of the bank You can store multiple bank account details and you can delete any bank account details that you no longer use.

You can change your delivery address under the ‘Account’ ribbon found at the bottom of your app screen and choose ‘Profile’. Please note that delivery address will be used to deliver your hardcopy policy certificate and any claims payment by post. It is very important that you store an accurate delivery address. If you head to the ‘Profile’ section before uploading your National ID, you will be prompted to scan your National ID before entering your delivery address details.

A referral code is a unique code that you can share with your family and friends to use FE Shield. Should one of your friends or family register with FE Shield using your referral code, and subsequently make a policy purchase, you will unlock a gift (e.g. shopping voucher etc.).
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